Sunlit Series:
Ella Potter, a new Grafter photography contributor. Based in Brighton, uses the excitement and thrill surrounding the slow nature of film to find colour in ordinary life. 
Ella Potter. 
Student insights. 
Jasmine Miller-Sauchella
A UCA second-year journalism student, poet, artist and musician. An insight into life from Jasmine Miller.
Author: Colleen Considine.  
Roses & Marigolds
UCA Fashion Promotion student Natasha Bains documents the South Asian community through photography. 
Author: Colleen Considine.  
The Brick Connoisseur 
A love for the simple brick. Who is this person who loves bricks and why so? 
Author: Colleen Considine.  
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Caleb Martin
Caleb Martin is a young photographer documenting his life in mid-west America. Who is the guy behind the lens?
Author: Colleen Considine.  
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Desolate Ireland
The photographer making his way around Ireland. Shooting local, abandoned towns, gathering the true authenticity of the green land. 
Author: Colleen Considine.  

Top Picks

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Bonne Nuit Pauul 
A short comic-book by illustrator Margaux Bigou. Vivid emotions from the grotesque illustrations equally filled by the vibrant colours. Matching the dark humour within the narrative. 
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Jack Hartley
A documentary photographer based in the UK. Jack shoots real people, using film photography, mainly a 35mm. There is a nostalgic element to the shots but with a modern eye they are up-to-date and very present. 
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King Rocker
A film documentary released March 13th 2020. About the life of Robert Lloyd and The Nightingales. Investigated by comedian and writer Stewart Lee. Viewers are taken through a journey, uncovering the mysteriousness of post-punk survivor. 
Poster Archive 
This Is A Poster Archive. An Instagram account dedicated to uncovering brilliant poster designs of all kinds from all eras. 
A superb insight into the art of graphics, using Instagram to draw attention to this hidden world. 
Priest 7.jpg
The House of The Lord
The online series
Our 'priest photoshoot' or otherwise named 'Father Ted'. Using the editor-in-chief's dad as the 'father', portraying a priest in the everyday life. We gathered a collection of images from the shoot that we thought were better suited online. 
Using the cultural perception of the way religion is seen.
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Lockdown: Online.
Lockdown meant everyone having to adapt to the new form of 'normal life'. What did we really see and capture? 
Daily and weekly photographs shot during the time of lockdown. 
Little to no people shot, showing life just as it is. 
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Joey Birch 
Joey Birch is a Fashion Journalism graduate and photographer living in London. He captures day to day life on his film camera. Let's get to know this life capturing guy. 
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Crap Places: 
The online series
The photography from Leitrim, Aughavas that didn't quite make the cut of print. However, rather than waste the amazing talent within the publication Crap Places has now made its way online. 
To see the photography within the pages, you simply have to purchase a magazine.
Even More Crap Places : 
The online series
Photography from our Even More Crap Places series within the pages of the magazine. Photos that we couldn't fill but still want everyone to see. 
To check out the shots that did make the cut, you have to buy a magazine. 
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Window watcher
Window watching. People watching. 
A range of photographs taken from the same spot at the same time, with the same camera each day. 
Observing the neighbours, newcomers and passers by. 
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Pierre Imans
Pierre Imans created mannequins designed to be as lifelike as possible. Shown in the 1920s.
The main question, why?

Grafter's photographers

Joey Birch
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Dave Kotula
Chris Henley
Chris Henley.jpg
Steve Murphy
Caleb Murphy
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Grafter's photographers

Photographers exclusive to the Grafter website. From Luton to Epsom, to Milton Keynes and Nashville. All showing their work produced recently. Documenting life in its raw material without filtering over the bad or good.

Joey Birch

Steve Murphy

Dave Kotula 

Chris Henley 

Caleb Murphy

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Crap Places: Ireland. 
Photography by:
Colleen Considine. 
Crap Places part 2: Luton 
Photography by;
Dave Kotula
Steve Murphy 
Colleen Considine


The 'bag lady' of Chicago. 

A homeless woman with art that didn't define her financial status, art that branched out of the realms of money. 

Author: Colleen Considine.



Steve Murphy.

A photographer, navy veteran, music lover and motorbike club member. Otherwise known as Spud, who is Steve Murphy?

Author: Colleen Considine

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Martin Burke.

Political activist who continues to battle for his beliefs and facts of the day, using whatever platform ready available.


Who is Martin Burke?

Author: Colleen Considine