An interview with Martin Burke

“Hopefully some knowledge can lead to some wisdom.”

Political activist, chef, and now teaching assistant, Martin Burke.

Looking very cool with a short new haircut. Freshly trimmed face & a pair of classic brown corduroys. Paired with a navy-blue bomber jacket, given to him by his brother-in-law. And a scuffed-up brown scarf. Underneath, wearing the coolest vintage orange and brown 1970s style cardigan with a toned-down brown t-shirt. Martin is one cool looking guy. Looking lik out of High Fidelity, or on his way to protest at any moment.

A breadth of knowledge where you could just sit and listen to him for hours without realising. Martin Burke is a local political activist, from Luton, now living in Hitchin. Someone who continues to use his voice against racism, anti-Semitism and global warming.

Meeting at The Old School Pantry in High Town, Luton. High Town wasn’t always the cool hang-out spot it is now, thanks to the Pantry. Wooden chairs with metal framing’s, black chalkboards for menus. Huge homemade red velvet and Oreo cakes greeting you as you slide open the large glass door. Blue and grey metal chairs for seats, you are in hipster heaven with classic tunes blasting through. Can’t beat it. A wet and rainy day as usual we targeted the end of the Pantry, trying to find the quietest spot. Full of customers, loud 70s rock music in the background. Still pretty loud, but so atmospheric you felt like you were in London, not Luton.

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