Midlight: Emergency Song.

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

"Churning into a hurricane of emotion, meaningless felt by the masses of people wanting to tap their way back into normal life."

Words: Colleen Considine

If you’ve listened to Midlight before, then won’t be surprised with the tunnel of sounds provided by this Brighton-born band. For those who haven’t had the chance to listen to Midlight, now is the time with their latest tune, Emergency Song. Four guys who take their introspective lyrics and melt them delicately with soft melodies, providing a haunting lyricism with a retrospective mirror image onto life. Sounds that continue to provide something different, against the wall of what we’ve been hearing from a lot of indie bands.

Whether you’re relaxing or working, the brilliant soft grunge allows you to focus or have playing in the background. It doesn’t have to sound indie to be feel like whatever indie means and in my opinion that's just fantastic! It’s not trying to prove it is in fact 'modern'. These guys are creating work for themselves, developing on an idea, and going for it.

And they’ve definitely shown that in ‘Emergency Song’, starting off we’re transcended to being in the middle of an orchestra, like Strauss’ Death and Transfiguration. Coming in softly with violin strings flying around our ears as we hear a battle of voices in the background. Building momentum which turns into a dreamlike quality whilst we quickly move on from being in a room with an orchestra and find ourselves listening to a grunge indie folk. With a harrowingly soft female voice working into the warm feeling from the bass in the background.

The links to the track are fantastic, the momentum and dark nature isn't missed and it's something I could hear being played everywhere. Having echoes of Ireland’s gravelly spoken word voice going on in the background. As the electric guitar creates a gateway into impending pressure, whilst the acoustic guitar fades into the drums.

The consistent tapping that just doesn’t go away is irritatingly enjoyable, re-instating a sense of crisis and pressure that’s felt everywhere. A jab for time to speed up, as we start looking into the abyss of life, we’re longing to break-out. Churning a hurricane of emotion, meaningless felt by the masses of people tapping at the window, waiting to enter our new normal lives.

Emergency song is constantly moving in power and depth, voices getting so much stronger as they race toward an infinitely impossible timeline. When they suddenly stop and everything fades out as though we’re not sure what has just happened. And yet, one striking thing, a political anger and story to match what has gone on in the past year. Even when you don’t focus solely on the lyrics themselves, the instruments tell the story.

Hurling yourself into a whirlwind of power from what is included in the song as you observe a sudden halt of work if you’re someone who works over the 9-5 grind. Having a band who step out, not sticking to pop chart rules and create songs that are reminiscent to who they are. In my opinion, that’s fantastic. It’s something a lot of artists try and strive for without being solely focused on their own sound. Whilst Midlight continue creating music for themselves and paint a sound to tell life of today. From writing lyrics, putting the instruments together and then production, the feeling from Midlight is consistent.

As the end of this song greets our ears, there’s no stopping you from continuing to have this tune on repeat. That’s something to adore about some tunes, the fact that even when you have them on repeat, they always seem refreshingly new. Being able to translate your youthful emotions and outlook of the world into sound in a way that isn’t overtly obvious.

Ultimately, though, Midlight have provided a sensitively conscious song emitting romanticism and the dystopian reality of life. Midlight have delivered a defining record that goes against the preppy surfer indie songs at the moment and it’s brilliant.

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