The History of Clowning

Updated: May 22, 2020

Author: Jasmine Miller-Sauchella

Clowns, eh.

The buffoon, the fool, the mime, the jester, the mummer, the joker, the harlequin, the absolute fucking pillock. Yes, I got this list of clown definitions off Google’s finest thesaurus. Except for the last term. That, ladies and gentleman, is just a general observation. A universal fact.

You know what, maybe I shouldn’t be too harsh on the humble Clown.

I just have to look in the mirror to realise that standing before me, every day, in my own reflection, is an ‘absolute fucking pillock’. So, joke’s on me really.

Yes. Alas.

We are all fools. All severely moronic (as this publication suggests). I reckon we should replace the word homosapien with clownosapien, for everything we do in this world is a complete and utter joke.

Coming to think of it, maybe we are all ingrained with the genetic of a Clown. I’m beginning to wonder how maybe, that drag-queen-gone-wrong-red-pubed-Ronald-McDonald-looking-ass entity is in fact our real ancestor. Not bloody monkeys!

So, Charlesy ‘Mr Evolution’ Darwin. I am now going to give you a run for your money. Clowns started it all, sucker.

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