The House of The Lord.

Have you ever wondered what a priest gets up to in their daily lives?

Just wanted to watch them do the simplest of tasks, eating breakfast, doing laundry or washing their hands. Cleaning themselves of all their sins in one sense.

For Issue 1. We got a pretend priest and spent our time on lockdown one day in the sweltering heat. Going around the editor's family home taking these photographs. It was a fun day indeed, for the editor that is, the priest in question is actually her father. Ironic.

The funny thing is, he is actually a mechanic. His mum always wanted him to be a priest. So, being the loving daughter I am I bought the full get-up and put him in it. He did get a free brandy from it.

If I told you this was for the connotations surrounding the absurdity surrounding religion and the idea of worshiping a man who all day long spends his time doing ordinary things. Well, that's true.

But also, I really wanted to embarrass my dad by dressing him up as a priest.

I mean come on, I am graduating from a creative university, it would be wrong not to.

For more the full collection of 'House of the Lord' images, you can buy Grafter magazine.

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