LUTON, Bedfordshire UK

Author: Colleen Considine 

Photography: Dave Kotula

March 21st. 2020. 


Crap Places series 1 in issue 1 of Moron magazine. 

Luton, Befordshire, 


Luton has been named one of the crappiest towns in the whole of the UK (on more than one occasion.) That's something to be pretty darn proud of. No, I'm being serious! 

Imagine, you come from a town that is so crap people don't even want to leave the airport, which has had a reputation of changing so often no one can keep track. People from Luton will understand that Luton isn't crap. Sure it has its faults but doesn't anywhere? The best thing about Luton are the people, there isn't a sense of competition, there is a mutual understanding that people in Luton have to prove their worth to people outside of Luton. Meaning, there is some amazing talent within the realms of this 'crappy' town that you might not know about. Being from a crappy town sure is annoying, especially when people try and laugh it off by saying, "I feel really sorry for you" except, they aren't being funny, they are deadly serious. But they are the best people, because they are the people you can prove wrong. 

I love being from a crappy town because I get to call it crappy, if you aren't from Luton you haven't the right to say so. Because I know that it's not the crappy mindset you have about it. 

It has its faults but Luton has such an amazing music scene, art and photography scene that you just wouldn't know about. 

'Crap Places' is a series within the magazine in order to illustrate these so-called 'Crap Places' or places you just simply haven't heard of or wouldn't go to. Its aim is to talk to local people, use local creatives to showcase the place in its raw, natural environment. Not to paint over any cracks, take it as it is and if you like it then good. Because for one, these places aren't that bad. Two, the creatives are superb so need to be shown. And three, there is a notion that London is the place to be, so places outside of London aren't used. I haven't shot London once in this magazine as an aim to use what we have around us.


Crap Places are the best places and don't let anyone say otherwise. I for one would much rather talk to a weirdo, aged 60, who has been a punk and has so many stories you could listen for hours over someone who judges people on where they are from any day of the week. 

Photographers in Even More Crap Places, Luton:

Colleen Considine

Steve Murphy 

Dave Kotula

Photography by Dave Kotula:

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