Grafter's fundraiser.


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The first print issue of Grafter, released June 2020. It is now available as a digital magazine.

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£6.00 + VAT.



33 exclusive Grafter tote bags. A newspaper boy style bag, the perfect size for a Grafter magazine! 


Designed by Morgan Musselle and printed with Boyds of Bedford.

£15.00 + VAT.

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A brand-new digital magazine, issue 1. We want to kickstart Grafter properly. So we're selling three items to fundraise the next print copy! We need to sell 100 copies of this mag to print Grafter!

Click the PDF at the bottom left of the cover to get a glimpse of the first few pages!

Out now! 

Photography by Sam Wainwright.

All three products for sale is Grafter's fundraiser for the next digital magazine. I need £1500.00 to continue printing Grafter and I need your help. Buying one of our products will allow Grafter to continue. I need to sell 150 products. That's 100 digital magazines and 50 tote bags, it can be done, with your help!

We want you to be involved because Grafter is for the people of Britain. In order to show the creatives and people who make this country what it is, we need to put it in print.

Grafter is a one-woman operation, created in 2020 from my final year project. I'm Colleen Considine, a journalism graduate from the class of 2020. I'm passionate about showing Britain in full, documenting issues and people who go unnoticed daily. And it's vital we put it in print.


I want your help as it takes a team of people to get things done. There's been an outstanding show of support on this magazine so far and with a push I can take it even further. Showcasing the side of Britain that doesn't get put into print. And I want you to be involved. The above three products are very exclusive and has had over 40 people involved in the process. So check them out and get yourself a Grafter product. Whether that's a bag, digital magazines or if you're going all out, maybe all three! 

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