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I'm Working Class and I'm Not Proud. 
Why are you so proud to be working class? The statement itself is something that actually shows class issues. It shows that society has an issue with you being working class. So you show you're proud in the face of hate.
Author: Colleen Considine
OK Boomer!
Everyone has a Karen in their life. Yet, too many people don't know they are a boomer.
What is a boomer? Who is a boomer? Is a boomer an age matter or a way of life? 
An insight into the social media war between middle-aged boomers. 
Author: Colleen Considine
Luton's Free Meal Vegan Canteen, Monstera. 
Luton’s only vegan canteen, Monstera are offering free meals for children in light of the government benefiting from others misfortune. Not just that, they create delicious food and there's always a positive vibe to go along with it. 
Author: Colleen Considine
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From Pain to Purpose

Esther Jacob, published author, highly praised motivational speaker and entrepreneur with her own book publishing company, Authentic Worth.


Esther shares her story, from the very beginnings of Authentic Worth to the successful person she is today. 

Author: Esther Jacob. 

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The Boy Redefining The Soul in Your Shoes. 
The shoeshining business hasn’t faded away just yet. No sir! An 'old-at-heart' 23-year-old bloke is keeping the tradition alive. Meet, Soul Boy.
Author: Colleen Considine.