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Who are The Monks? 

The band who created punk music before punk existed. Guys who shaved their hair like monks, a 1960s rock band with heavy influences of punk, before punk was a thing. Who exactly are The Monks?

Music from bands like Black Midi, whose chanting vocals, piercing throughout any song are obviously inspired by The Monks. A group whose music inspired many without people realising. 

Author: Colleen Considine

Music: Insightful

Midlight, Pandemonium

Hypnotic folk ambience, reflecting into waves of the alternative. Midlight are a band who aren’t sticking to pop rules.

Author: Colleen Considine

Music Validates Irish History

Folk music in Ireland is fuelled on days of the past. Revolutionary artists who elevate historical stories for the modern ear through timeless song.

Author: Colleen Considine

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'Another Day', another tune...

Fish N Tins' present a tune dedicated to teenage innocence. A sense of longing for California days of the past.


Author: Colleen Considine

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Worldwide Punks 


Russia, Japan, Sweden, Africa. The worldwide punks. 


Punk never faded away. When you think of the movement we gravitate toward the UK, but what outside of the boarders is something more. 

Author: Colleen Considine

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'Do You Wash Your Legs in The Shower?'

Safe Suburban Home and Pool Sharks, have made everyone question our washing habits.

As well as the 9-5 grind of our early 20s.



Author: Colleen Considine

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Music: Insightful

Sound and Vision

Artists like Idris Muhammad whose superb funk and jazz beats remain a focal point in music even today.


Blurring the lines of how we perceive music completely. 

Author: Colleen Considine

Top Picks
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Sarah Vista

The woman who will put a gunshot straight through your heart with her Western ballads. Sarah Vista is one for the ages. Someone who could be easily featured in any Spaghetti Western or Tarantino film. Leaving you longing for more. 

Blaggers Records


Here at Grafter we have been working on a little collaboration with Blaggers Records. A fantastic team who bring together the best musicians in alternative music. A powerhouse of sounds that is full to the brim of British grunge. 

Batov Records

Featured in the first issue of Grafter's print magazine. This fantastic London-based label defies the odds of pop music. With artists from all corners of the globe they bring refreshing sounds and culture together. 


Psychedelic beats, a feel of The Silver Apples electronica. With a never-ending dreamy escapism that collides with ferocious beats. 80s synths and vocals that appear out of a space oddity of the 60s. 

Stuck Sunsets.jpg

Stuck Sunsets, Delitism: Intensity of death in song

Patrick Atkinson of Sea Records has created the full-circle album of the year. One that appeared from the death of his brother. Emotion laid out for all to hear. A striking record.



Author: Colleen Considine

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'Jarvis Put The Record on'


Safe Suburban Home present another superb track, this time, Superlove. Who are they? A Malta-born, Berlin-based duo with some funky 80s beats that are so chilled you can't but dance away to them. 

Author: Colleen Considine


Regressive Left: The band putting the political fire back into music

Eternal Returns is the political anthem of our generation. Offering a socialist insight, speaking to everyone.

Author: Colleen Considine

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Safe Suburban Home


This independent York-based record label specialise in physical music. Specialising in helping to nurture young artists through the basis of being an independent label. Creating everything themselves is what they are about. 

Author: Colleen Considine

Music: feature.

Can Music Really Be This Shit?

Can music really be tasteless? The Shaggs, a band of sisters who were brought together by a prediction. Do you have to know how to play instruments to create a 'good' song?

Author: Colleen Considine

Available in Grafter's print Issue 1. 

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Andy Chesham: Vinyl Revelations

A 52-year old record owner with a 26-year-old record shop. In the UK’s most loved ‘dreadful’ town, Luton. Talking about vinyl, opinion culture, and fighting with Noel Gallagher before he was Noel Gallagher.

Author: Colleen Considine. 

Available in Grafter's print Issue 1. 


Cowgirl, 'Only Lasts A Moment'

Part of the limited edition cassette series from Safe Suburban Home, comes the latest release, Cowgirl, 'Only Lasts A Moment', a Grafter favourite around.  

Author: Colleen Considine

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Music: insightful.

Spherical Objects


Spherical Objects, a Manchester-based post-punk experimental indie band of the 80s. A representative of the Manchester scene of the time. Why doesn't anyone know who they are?

Author: Colleen Considine


The Early Mornings

A band under the label, Suburban Home, who is this poppy indie band? What's their take on lockdown? And how have they been creating music during the Coronavirus epidemic?  

Author: Colleen Considine

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