Grafter magazine, One Year On!

It's been one year since Grafter was first printed and landed as a home for pioneers of creativity outside of London. Grafter is now entering its second-year and wants to define what it truly means to be British today.

Words and photography: Colleen Considine

Grafter is a platform for those who feel like outsiders trying to navigate their way through Britain today. We’re living away from London life and determining a fight for more. Grafter is a publication for the storytellers of Britain, those whose voices are often missed by mainstream media. The point is simple, no matter your financial background, everyone should have the same opportunity as the next.

Our voices and ideas are the most powerful in the up-rise against adversity, causing us to challenge the status quo, and create a bridge for creative thinkers everywhere. If you have a voice, you must use it. An idea, an article or a piece of art can be used to re-imagine, question and understand what's around us. We should discuss topics like class, religion, identity and politics as if they are as normal as talking about the weather. Reducing the stigma of difficult conversations can lead to a spark of positivity, even in the most challenging circumstances.

Over the past year, Grafter has set out to provide the thought, 'the most interesting people are yet to be uncovered'. We even don't know their stories exist because they aren't on big billboards or in glossy publications. It's the person sitting beside you on the bus, maybe it's the old man you've not said hello to but have always wanted to. Or, they could be the young filmmaker at the local university waiting for their opportunity to showcase their art. And until you seek out these people, they won't ever be found.

All of these mini missions were with Grafter from the very start and haven't ever changed. Grafter wants to build a community of creatives to work together so our ideas can confront our existing circumstances. And with all of this in mind, I'm super proud to say that Grafter has now been around for one whole year! I started this magazine as my final university project in the Covid class of 2020 and the traction Grafter has gained has truly come as a big shock. Grafter has gone from being a print publication to an online publication, a digital magazine, selling merchandise, an online video chat series and the rest.

So, entering our next phase of Grafter magazine, we’re bringing back our live video ‘Grafter Chats’ series which you can find on our Instagram, we’re scouting for regular contributors, and we’re also venturing into filmmaking. Oh, and, we’re also venturing into the world of book publishing!

Yes, that’s right, you can expect a Grafter book! We can't say a lot right now, but what we will say is this, we're hopefully aiming to release this Autumn (just in time for Christmas) and this also happens to be a photography book from one of Grafter's contributors. You can find more details soon to be announced over on @grafter_books Instagram. We really hope you join us and support us on our exciting new venture, so make sure you follow for more!

Grafter started as a final major project for university and decided to simply continue Grafter as a one woman project. Grafter is and always will be a project by ordinary working people, for ordinary working people. There’s no big fancy office, or large team behind me (although that would be lovely). It’s a team of one, and whoever wants to contribute or join the Grafter team, you are more than welcome. As we are releasing more content, we are looking for more regular contributors. Whether you’re a political writer, a videographer, a cultural writer, music, art, opinion, if you have an idea, a passion or a project, then we want to hear it. (Details for contributors will be revealed soon).

So, here’s a big thank you to any Grafter contributor, reader, follower and supporter of this passion project! There’s been a lot of people involved in creating Grafter and there’s been a huge amount of support from anyone who enjoys this publication. And Grafter certainly wouldn’t be where it is today if it weren’t from the influx of creativity. So, here’s to the next phase of Grafter.

What can you expect?

A 'Grafter Chats' episode coming your way next Friday at 7pm via @grafter_magazine

Our very first book launch announcement on @grafter_books

And in the next coming weeks you can also expect to find a brand-new documentary series on our Youtube channel!

Take a look at some of our favourite posts of the past year...

Featured above;

Caleb Martin, Jim Brook, Nicola Davidson, Holly Gilder, Connor Guy, Regressive Left, Elizabeth Brown, Sebastian Garraway, Dave Kotula, Tobias Beach-Wyld.

If you haven't purchased a copy of Grafter magazine print Issue 1, then head over to Newsstand now to grab yours! This is a very exclusive final print run of Grafter's first ever magazine from July 2020. It's bursting at the seams, containing 170 pages of opinion pieces, class, religion, music, art, photography and much much more.

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