Irish famine

Irish potatoes.

Every time I am in Ireland, surrounded by family, sitting down for ‘authentic’ Irish food I’m always thinking about this ‘Irish experience’. If everything from Ireland, is from Ireland, are the potatoes really authentically Irish if the English had a big involvement?

Let’s look at it like this,

The potatoes in Ireland are so good, I wonder what the English added? How nice were the potatoes in Ireland before 1845? Why are English potatoes just not as nice? There is something lovely about Irish potatoes, they have such a fluffy texture contrasted by the skin’s hard-outer lining (oi oi stop thinking that I can see you in the back Dave!). But, as I put the thing in my mouth (stop laughing I can hear you) I automatically think, what on earth did the English put in these potatoes, it would be really great to get the recipe!

You have to admit, no one knows what those potatoes tasted like before 1845, maybe an English guy tasted one, thought, I know what’ll do the trick, added too much, fucked the recipe, waited a couple of years, went back, sorted it out, bobs your uncle, we’ve got our potatoes back.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not taking the piss out of the Irish potato famine, but you have to admit it is a bit ironic that everyone rages on about Irish potatoes, and over 100 years ago, the place didn’t have any. Then, suddenly, there they are, back again, tasty as ever. Bit suspicious, don’t you think?

Plus, it would be really great to get that recipe, I’m thinking of making an Irish stew next week and I really want the authentic Irish experience, just like granny used to make. Or, should I say, just like the English used to make.

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