The Bikini Bottoms: Monster Love

A twisted love letter track swimming in rockabilly...

Words: Colleen Considine

We’re in a sci-fi b-movie of the 1950s, swimming in rockabilly rhythms, this is one track that even “king of the b’s” Roger Corman would be proud to have as the backing to one of his indie films. Maybe you’re hidden under Patrick’s rock, but if you don’t know who The Bikini Bottoms are then you certainly have been missing out. Once a two-piece from Glasgow this now London-based trio are not only excited to get on stage and finally perform for the first time, but ‘Monster Love’ is their debut track as a three-piece. Frontman Jack Elfick brought bassist Guido King and Robbie Kuhn together last year, but they didn’t start just last year.

Jack Elfick and Evan Lake came together in Scotland in 2015 until Evan decided to part ways from the Bikini-ness. They released their first EP 'Monster Surf & Rockabilly' in 2016 and followed with tracks on 'The Graveyard Tapes' compilation albums. It wasn't till 2019 where we were met with their first album 'Bikiniland'. Bikini Bottoms are back with their twisted love letter track ‘Monster Love’ harkening back to the band’s rockabilly roots.

The deep sound from the double bass sets the pace for the horror-filled rock rhythm we gain throughout. Layered with a chaotic drum beat and a classic distorted guitar shuffling into Elfick’s whisperingly creepy vocals. There’s something new and sinister lurking around each new corner of this track. Unexpectedly you’re jamming to a garage psychobilly tune that’s washed in blues and rockabilly. It’s ballsy, yet it’s not until we reach the chorus when it goes fully into an addictive rush of fuzzed-out guitar, a raging drum beat and ominous vocals. Building pace throughout the tune, it’s never boring and the music invites you into Bikini Bottoms classic sci-fi horror story.

Just as it’s getting started, it stops. You want more from Bikini Bottoms, this is one track that you can’t help but dance to on the floor of a rockabilly gig. Just picture it, it’s Halloween and you’re dressed head to toe as Frankenstein and his bride, and this is the track you walk into. It’s a frenzy of hypnotic rhythm in a sea of surfer-trash rock that takes on the feel of the ‘5678’s’. Although it’s difficult to describe this band in one particular genre, this track itself is an exciting sinister tune that’s swimming in rockabilly, psychobilly and deep garage rock. Yet, it stands on its own, it’s all of those and something a little different. The 1950s sci-fi b movie theme is almost a revival of the original psychobilly whilst being explored through the funk of the Stray Cats and the love of cult horrors.

There’s an atomic energy you want from a lot of bands, throughout the tune they come together with backing vocals to blast out the chorus. And yet, compared to The Bikini Bottoms as a duo, this track is something vastly different. It’s heavier and horrifyingly powerful, Elfick feels like he’s found his sound with the addition of two new players. Whilst you still gain the classic monster rockabilly that we heard from the Bottoms earlier tunes; this feels ruggedly polished. Jack’s menacing voice draws you in from the start, he pilots the direction of the band throughout this loud tune. And it sure is loud, if it’s like this through a pair of headphones, seeing the Bikini-ness live is going to be something else.

You simply can’t have a horror themed track without a loud scream, it just wouldn’t be right, it’s more of a howl like teenage werewolf, reinstating the horridness. And of course, if you have a loud scream you have to have a classic baddie laugh, placed right at the end of the track.

Don't go thinking this is going to be the only track from the Krusty Krab trio, they are not only set for more releases, but they will finally hit the stage. If you're eager to see them live, Jack is taking the band back to their Scottish roots as they are set to play with Skaledonia in Glasgow on August 6th.

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