The Kevin Fingier Collective: September

Jo Ann Hamilton & The Kevin Fingier Collective come together to create 'September' and 'I Love Without A Love'.

Words: Colleen Considine

Kevin Fingier is one busy guy, he’s a producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and he also runs Acid Jazz subsidiary label, Fingier Records. Fingier Records specialise in Soul, R&B, Funk and Boogaloo sounds. And of course, he’s back with a new release featuring vocals from the sublime Jo Ann Hamilton, ‘September’ and ‘I Love Without A Love’.

It was his home of Buenos Aires, Argentina where he forged his own musical group, The Kevin Fingier Collective. He wanted to provide a twist on his already versatile production career to start creating Soul & R&B recordings. It was in 2020 when The Kevin Fingier Collective released ‘Don’t Wanna Cry No More’ on his Acid Jazz label. However, to gain his signature funky Northern Soul sound, he used analogue equipment to experiment with older techniques of the past. He’s acquired a sound that locks us into an indefinite groove. You suddenly find yourself in a 1960s studio with Fingier and Hamilton playing on in the background.

For his two new tunes he linked up with Georgia-born Southern soul singer Jo Ann Hamilton to give a record that’s magically funky. Hamilton was born and raised around Soul & R&B music; her childhood was played to the soundtrack of Motown. And it’s no surprise she first started singing in the gospel choir at the ‘Melton Chappel’ church when she was only 7. Inspired by Diana Ross and the Supremes she went on to become part of the wild disco scene of the 70s. Going on to become an actress, she wrote a one-woman show about Historical Black Women such as Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks.

In both tracks there’s a sense of familiarity to the past whilst exploring rhythms and grooves in diverse ways. ‘September’ starts instantaneously there’s no waiting around, it kicks off with a funky beat that when paired with a powerful drum transcends you to a Latin Northern Soul night. Modernising past concepts which create a new-retro hybrid is the music you live for. Something that consistently amazes, and gosh, this does just that. It’s an R&B track embellished in Northern Soul dreams. And of course, Hamilton’s vocals, they stand up against the greats like Diana Ross to the point where the music and Hamilton’s voice just melt together. It’s a monster of a track, you find yourself lost into the endless dance beat where you crave more and more. Every second a new instrument appears and you’re suddenly lost on the washed-out wooden dance floor in the Wigan Casino.

And yet, ‘I Love Without A Love’ is something completely different, it’s exotic and voluptuous. Just as you want the song to repeat, Hamilton’s voice drifts off into the daze of this tune. Like a lot of tunes, it just feels too short, we're craving for more. The blue love song is uplifted against the boisterous trumpet that flurries in like we’re walking underneath the beaming Cuban sun. It’s much cooler than the early 60s R&B and yet it still retains the obscure popcorn sound we desire.

Since Fingier started releasing his music under his new-found label, every single track has been a welcome air of the past with a signature modern sound. You never know what to expect because Fingier has it all figured out. There's a sense of desire toward making the listener think they know what's in-store and then being completely taken off your feet. You could be listening to an R&B track that's swimming in Latin funk. Or, you're at a Northern Soul night which has suddenly got that bit funkier.

Both these songs absorb you and they burn an effortlessly trademark sound which you just don’t want to stop. You have to play these tunes over and over again, and only to be appreciated fully of course on vinyl. ‘September’ and ‘I Love Without A Love’ are the finest examples of what Kevin Fingier can offer.

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