Who is Vic Reeves?

Updated: May 22, 2020

Comedy and art. Who is Vic Reeves? A look into his world of painting.

Art and comedy have gone hand-in-hand without realising so. Comedy is another form of art yet now we are seeing more and more comedians delve into painting. One being the iconic, Vic Reeves. But who is Vic Reeves really?

Otherwise known by his character name, Vic Reeves, James Moir is best known for iconic comedy Vic and Mortimer. His comedy has an odd ball feel, a surrealist theme throughout that creates a very physical and in-your-face style of comedy.

As well as being a comedian, he developed a love of art whilst on a part-time art course at a local college, a passion that has been seen through today. His artwork consists of pencil and pastel work, using the human form and depicting it in bizarre ways. There is an observational feel to his artwork, yet in bringing his imagination it builds onto another dimension of the human form. There is a child-like feel to his work, blending colours in a way that make them seem blocked out, thick lines with disproportions, all working together as one piece.

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