Brutal People. Real Opinion. 

Documenting life.
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The Grafter Digital magazine. 

Grafter looks at life in Britain today, it's for people who want to share their work and their story. The best stories are from those we don't know exist, we need to document life in Britain outside London's bubble for all to see. This is Grafter's 2021 first-ever digital only magazine. It won't be going to print which makes the next issue even more special!


12 contributors, packed with gorgeous photography and full of informative features. 176 virtual pages of content. 

In-depth profile pieces from photographers and their grandparents, homelessness in Luxembourg, and discussing the political need for a party we can all relate to and feel part of. Including so much more!

We want to bring unknown lives to the masses, furthering discussions around issues and stories we simply don't hear from larger media outlets. You can have a voice, you have a story and an opinion but if you don't use it, if you don't show you work, then what's the point? 

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Crap Places, Ireland.

Photography by, Colleen Considine.
Photography by Colleen Considine. From Print Issue 1.
2020 Print magazine Issue 1.

Discussing issues we face in Britain today whilst showing the undocumented. 

Issue 1 tackled class. Crap Music and Crap Places. Our love of vinyl and the meaning of obscurity in sound. Along with much much more. 

Our first print issue was all self-funded and it has now been turned into a digital magazine - so click here to grab the first-ever issue of Grafter! 

Grafter: the most interesting people are those you don't even know exist. 

Contribute to Grafter!

Contributions are always open to Grafter magazine, we're always on the lookout for personal stories, essays, interviews, reviews, your projects and work you want to share. Or maybe you have a piece of work you want written about, reviewed or featured, send that in too! 

Just drop us an email to - and make sure you include the topic in the subject! 

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Crap Places, Luton.

Photography by Dave Kotula. 
Crap Places 

Photography by,

Dave Kotula &

Steve Murphy


Bedfordshire, UK. 

Featured in Grafter Magazine Print Issue 1. 

Luton is just outside London, a place like many is often deemed 'crap'. Particularly by those who haven't had the pleasure of going to 'Crap Places'.

Uncovering the misconceptions surrounding towns like Luton.

Showing why places like Luton are far from being crap...

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Crap Places, Ireland.

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Crap Places. 

Photography by,

Colleen Considine


Leitrim, Ireland. 

Now available in Grafter Magazine Issue 1. 

Ireland is full of cows, farmers, church and pubs. There is a sense of isolation and abandonment, a feeling of separation to the outside world. 

A country that is so close to England, it feels as though you are in a lone part of America.

What does a young teenager living in the middle of rural Ireland think about?


Life, religion, pubs and common misconceptions surrounding Ireland. A series of photos...



How Green Was My Valley: Connor Guy

This project is about reclamation of land by local people that was once owned by industrial figureheads.

Photography & words: Connor Guy

Art. Photography. 
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Les Bods: Free Your Mind

The Brighton trio embarking on their next chapter of heavy metal psychedelia.


Words: Colleen Considine

Art. Photography.

In the Wake: Tobias Beach-Wyld

Documenting Working Class Communities – a photographic study of those affected by the decline of the fishing industry in the North East of England.

Words and photography: Tobias Beach-Wyld

We're big music lovers here at Grafter. And we're not ones to stick to the box of pop chart rules. We've compiled a playlist of our favourite tracks...

Why not start off with our end-of-year playlist?

Full to the brim of independent artists that will last you, oh, about an hour or so.


People like John Myrtle, JW Paris, Sefi Zisling, Ghost Car, Sarah Vista. And much much more.

Just click on our record for more! Or, go to our posts page for a full list of articles...

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Regressive Left: The band putting the political fire back into music. 

Eternal Returns is the political anthem of our generation, offering a socialist insight, speaking to everyone.

Author: Colleen Considine


Worldwide: punks

The punks from around the world, Russia, Japan, Sweden, classic subcultures and the countries of association. We always refer to UK or USA for our punk history. Yet, punk isn't a place. It's a way of life.

Author: Colleen Considine


'Another Day', another tune...

'Fish N Tins' present a tune dedicated to Mac deMarco & teenage innocence.

A sense of longing for California days of the past. 

Author: Colleen Considine

If you're not honest, what's your point?

Dear Grafter readers, 

Firstly hello, I am Colleen Considine. The editor-in-chief and founder of Grafter Magazine. Grafter is a print and online publication, launched in June of 2020. We are dedicated to culture. The unknowns and obscure realities of life we don't discuss enough. 

We're built around class. Class issues in the United Kingdom and beyond which we simply do not talk about enough. Homelessness. Identity. Religion. Economy. Politics and much much more. 

We also thrive on creativity. Giving a voice to the many. A platform for all to enjoy. With a particular showcase of independent. Everyone we showcase has been independent and that is something we will always strive to do. 

Raw documentation of working class life in Britain. 

A one of a kind document that you simply won't find anywhere else. 

We have so much planned for 2021 and we want you involved.


So follow us on our social medias and get in touch now. We want more music. More opinion. More print media. More art. And more working class or independent creatives. 

Without a voice, we simply won't have change. And without a platform, you won't be heard. 

It's all about brutal people with a real opinion.


Colleen Considine.


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