Les Bods: Free Your Mind

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

The Brighton trio embarking on their next chapter of heavy metal psychedelia.

Words: Colleen Considine

Photo credit: Rory Lethbridge

“The track is about freeing yourself from the negativity that gets built upon one's shoulders. Moving down the road less travelled, experiencing enormous self-doubt from people putting you down all the time and mostly about overcoming your fears... in essence rebelling to negativity and in turn - “Freeing Your Mind”.”

- Frontman Harry Mitchel

We’re instantly spinning a classic psychedelic prog rock tune on a 45 record from the 60s that’s only just been discovered. You’ve been longing for a band no one else has heard of, and Les Bods is it. You’re on the grassy field of the famous 1969 Woodstock, in a daze of Santana and Canned Heat when the unknown Les Bods appear. They can only be described as the band of the 60s who are 50 years too late to the party. And it’s just the best thing.

2019 Brighton-born trio Les Bods return to the beckoning underbelly of Brighton's music bucket with their turbulent new track ‘Free Your Mind’. This is one band who are a force of experimental music that’s difficult to go up against with their rock heavy guitar riffs. 'Free Your Mind' is the follow-up from their debut single ‘People’ released last year. This track certainly is brutal, it's blasting with prog rock psych experimentation, Les Bods are ready to ‘Free Your Mind’.

They aren’t ripping the classic rock sound of the 60s and 70s like a lot of bands replicate. Although it does feel like we could be listening to an old psych-blues tune at a party full of junkies. Or maybe we’re head-banging to heavy metal in your boyfriend’s bedroom, wherever it is, it’s a world away from the endless wave of current ‘indie’ musicians.

An electrifyingly cool bass line weathered in fuzzed-out riffs with an indefinite drum beat racing toward a path of techni-coloured heavy rock groove. A lone electric guitar entrances us into Les Bods metal version of a nursery rhyme. Frontman Harry Mitchel keeps you buckled in for the psychedelic ride. And this is one track that stands on its own two feet, even with all the links to the past it still feels so modern. Wrapped into a turntable of rhythm, every beat matching the pure intensity from their message of conquering cynically intrusive thoughts. I only wish there was more from Les Bods.

Les Bods are one band who are cemented in the pure elation of psych power that's soaked in a California haze of euphoria. Seductive vocals strut in, releasing you from your emotional negativity you find yourself trapped in. It may have a wild escape of heavy metal, but don’t misunderstand, it’s for the inner hippies doing the 9-5 grind. Les Bods are telling us to rebel against our societal negativity and turn away from crippling self-doubt and the fear. It's a modern 1960s experimental rock tune that’s just waiting for you to listen.

You might not have known Les Bods before this, but it’s highly recommended you listen in to what else they have in store. They are set for more releases this May/June and that we simply can’t wait for them...

Tune in to the latest track from Les Bods now, ‘Free Your Mind' here...






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