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Hello everyone,

Happy New Year, we can still say that? We hope you all had a lovely time off, even if we are back into another lockdown. We wanted to write a welcome back message to everyone and a massive thank you for all the support over the last couple of months in 2020. We had an amazing time introducing the magazine to you all. We have gone from being a little platform, into being a little platform with a lot to say. And because of all your support, sharing, following, reading and liking our work. We have some very exciting things planned for this year.

2020 was a year where so much changed, in lots of ways. However, we for one have met an amazing number of creatives. People who have continued to work on their craft like never before. All with different styles, opinions and creative subjects. Yet, the thing that has connected the Grafter audience has been the feeling of disconnection. Where perhaps your voice hasn’t been in print. Or you haven’t seen their work in certain publications. Or things that matter in your life has gone unnoticed. Grafter wants to take this feeling back and change it. We are about honesty. Showcase of all creatives. Voicing important subjects and lives who matter. In order to make change.

We’ve spent our first week back organising, planning, writing and editing for future work over the next 12 months. In a little amount of time we will be releasing our first digital magazine, the first since our first print magazine. The digital magazine is important to us. For many reasons really. We have a number of amazing creatives on board, new work and new writing. Also, we will be using it to help fund issue 2. We hope to have a fundraiser where in turn for helping us reach our end goal, you’ll get the first digital magazine. And we’re working hard on getting merchandise out for you all! Two exclusive Grafter products that will only be available for one time only, helping to get the next print magazine out there!

It’s important to showcase people who care. Whose talent needs to be recognised. We also believe that if our voices go unrecognised, who else will tell stories? We need a platform to continue striving for honesty! We want to recognise every kind of person. It’s one thing having a voice, but having a voice that people can read, that’s the aim. People can hear your message and strive for more. That’s important. Which is why, we’re creating a video series, a digital magazine and a range of merchandise. All of which will be for sale, alongside our Kickstarter to get issue 2 print out! If you can't wait till then, our homepage has a donate button. Feel free to contribute and be part of the Grafter journey.

From our response to our two videos in December, the introduction video and our collaboration, we want to keep this going. So, we’re having sit-down zoom chats with as many creatives as we can. We want as much variety as possible. A writer. Photographer. Artist. Shop owner. Potter. Model maker. NHS worker. MP. Council worker. Anyone and everyone. We want you all to be part of it. We will discuss creativity, writing, class and societal issues and anything in-between. So, get in touch!

You might be seeing less articles for a short period of time, just because there is so much going on! But don’t worry, we’ll still be around all the time on Instagram and sharing new work from other creatives. You can also find us on Twitter for more discussions around daily topics. We want you all to continue to be part of what Grafter is all about. Tag us in your posts and we’ll always share you to our story. Sharing your opinion with us and having a chat about your work or if you have a story or opinion you want to write. Email or dm us with your work or a collaboration idea and we’ll definitely be getting back to you with more!

To those who’ve just joined, thanks for following, to contribute just send us an email or dm us either on Facebook or Instagram. We’re constantly on the look-out for new things to feature and open to any new ideas!

Keep with us and we’ll be providing the content.

Share, like, tag us in your work. Get set for the digital magazine, merchandise and get in touch to be part of the video series!

To email us: graftermagazine@gmail.com


Colleen and the Grafter team.





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