Can music really be this bad?

Updated: May 22, 2020

Shaggy like Scooby, Shaggy like sex, Shaggy like The Shaggs. Let’s discuss bad taste and the association with The Shaggs.

Music is universal. People like to go around saying, ‘that’s not my type of music’. Now, any true music lover will tell you this statement is false, it doesn’t exist. It simply cannot, sound all connects. One song may have influenced something completely different. Take blues music for example, without blues we wouldn’t have jazz, or rock and roll. And minus that, we wouldn’t have rock, or synth-pop, which is also linked to Krautrock all of which influenced Pink Floyd and Frank Zappa.

What I am really saying here, all music links. Nothing is original because something in some small way influenced another genre that is completely different. Some things are bad, and some things are good. However, don’t take away the bad music because it is still good and still links to the song you do actually like.

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