Hive Society: Opaque

A quartet of explorers in the world of experimental music, framing our disjointed lives in the stark eyes of our future dystopian reality. And we’re living for it.

Words: Colleen Considine

We’re travelling down darker routes with Brighton’s Hive Society as they release their latest track, ‘Opaque’. Following-on from their last release, ‘Coasting’, this track is a road less travelled for the band, as they forge vivid waves in a delirious pattern of euphoria.

Born in Manchester, Hive Society started life with two sets at Glastonbury in 2019, having only finalised their line-up during the first lockdown, they are a new band to the Brighton scene. They just completed a tour of the UK and are set to have a string of gigs and festivals booked for this summer. They might be a fairly new band, but they have certainly found their signature sound. Embedded in dream pop, they take us back to early days of electronica whilst capturing the essence of psych rock.

We’re presented with a futuristic sound-wave, melted within a rage of the world around them and embellished in space-age electronica of The Silver Apples. A technological warfare that’s cherry rich in tones and paired with the ambience of early Toro Y Moi tunes that you just adore. Sweet buttery vocals from lead-singer Rishi Saluja provide a summery teenage bliss which we gained from their last single ‘Coasting’.

Whilst it seems that a lot of people take inspiration from King Gizzard, wouldn’t you? Obscure lyrics, subtle psychedelia and the right amount fuzz for any great alternative prog tune. And just like King Gizzard, there’s a clear experimentation going on throughout the track. Taking snapshots of their impending frustrations; sent out to the world around them, from the perspective of university students. Making for a pressurised song, reinstated even further with chaotic instrumental sections, anarchic flows and chalky guitar lines as the bass provides a core to the song. There's a romanticised anxiety with layers of gorgeous swirls and an underlying pop feeling, whilst still retaining their core obscurity.

A beautiful chaos with a sentiment of post-punk and rippling quality with a transparent message of our unfolding fall into paranoia. Reinstating their familiar modern conceptual sound through their lyrical angst, spitting the daily news out for all to hear. A conjunction of layered waves provide a cloudy insight into the frustrations of the future by using the disorder of life today. Hive Society bring a vision of the future by sewing up the complicated scenarios of life today. An alt-rock track shining a radical light onto our misadventures of protesting, dismay and the post-pandemic paranoia that's simply blossoming in life today.

Hive Society are a quartet of explorers in the world of experimental music, framing our disjointed lives in the stark eyes of our future dystopian reality. And we’re living for it.

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