Midlight, Daily Routine

A tight-rope of anxiety induced cynicism, soaked in a soundscape of nostalgia.

Words: Colleen Considine

There’s a growing momentum around Midlight, and rightly so, cynical thoughts deeply rooted in a youthful perspective of the future, making for genuine and honest music. Sounds that are full of melancholic riffs and dreamy indie pop, lifted by the boyish vocals of lead singer, George Ireland. There are shadows of Coldplay in the first few seconds of Daily Routine, but rolling straight back into their classic sound with captivating waves of deep instrumental sections, surfed in laid back melodies and angsty mood journal lyrics.

Over the past year, Midlight have released a field of fantastic music, now into their fourth single, they’ve built up a loyal following. And that’s come as no surprise when listening to their very authentic lyrics. There’s no beating around any bush, like everyone, there’s an inner burning worry about what life will be like '10 years down the line'. Midlight reflect on nostalgia, peeling away at the truth whilst trying to understand their reoccurring mental thoughts. The impending mental doom from everyday mundanities feels like such a British concept, making Midlight's soft rock track so much more digestible than dishonest appraisals.

Each track Midlight release branches on from their last so well, yet the subtle differences between songs and key links to other bands consistently shine through. There’s a preppy indie punk feeling of the early 00’s with nods to bands like Arcade Fire and Radiohead, Creep particularly is one song that stands out. It seems lead singer George Ireland has once again channelled his inner Thom Yorke, and we're here for it.

Midlight’s diary entry style lyrics are darker than the instrumental sections themselves. A lone acoustic guitar appears with Ireland singing ‘Daily Routine’ until an epitome of feedback fills into the original Coldplay sound. And there's still a consistent presence of moody textures whilst waves of fluorescent sound float around in the background. Ireland’s lyrics hang on to each note in a similar melancholic way to songs like No Surprises, Creep or High and Dry. This song might be the lovechild of Coldplay and Radiohead but it doesn't stop it being enthralled in the brilliance of Midlight.

Midlight’s sound is well-refined and mentally poignant against the wall of current affairs. Consistently rising to the podium and delivering fresh songs whilst bleeding out an honest look of the world. They aren't overtly political, and whilst a song about the impending doom of our current political party is always enjoyed, it can get a little burnt at times. Midlight aren't going against any wave, they are who they are, and not having any right or reason with music apart from it being another stretch of you, well that is just fantastic.

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