Kevin Fingier & Josi Dias: Um Brilho Novo

Summer days are endless with funky Brazilian grooves from Kevin Finiger and Josi Dias

A stunning last single, the best-selling soul artist in the UK Mod and Northern Soul scene managed to modernise 60 years of music with one tune. Kevin Fingier fuses the UK Mod scene with killer Brazilian funk rhythms and silky smooth Josi Dias vocals into a beast of a soul track. Um Brilho Novo and Rua Nova Barao are the first two tracks in a new series called ‘World Got Soul’ by The Kevin Fingier Collective.

His music is hot on everyone’s decks and with Argentinian Kevin Fingier, it comes as no surprise as he’s embedded in the mod scene, a producer, DJ & engineer. In what’s called ‘World Got Soul’, Finger melts traditional sounds from around the globe with his groove-worthy 60s dance tunes.

This is one 45 that will be staying on rotation as you’re taken away from British weather blues and into the scorching Brazilian heat. Unlike his previous Wigan Disco Northern Soul powerhouse, with Um Brilho Novo, it’s as if we’ve stumbled upon a tune from the late 60s, spinning throughout the streets of Brazil. It’s this unknown element that comes through with all of Fingier’s music, even though it’s a brand-new release, you wish you'd heard it sooner. Had you picked this up without looking at the label, you’d think the same - it’s just perfect. Reminiscent of Trio Ternura or Tim Maia, Josi Dias’s sweet subtle melodies are like butter against this funk bomb of a 45.

The B-side is just as good, Rua Nova Barao, an uptempo jazz-Samba dance piece carrying through an old Brazilian spirit. As though we’re in an up and coming 80s London club, embedded in a pot of creativity as this killer track shoots out of the speakers and onto the dance floor of London’s finest. If you close your eyes you could be right there in the studio as Fingier proceeds to work his magic, or you could be strutting down the street out for a night on the town. Wherever it is, the in-place is wherever this tune is spinning. You’re going to want to take all those classic influences of Airto Moreira, Flora Purim and Carlos Garnett and hunt those tunes down as you light the fire on a newfound love for Brazilian funk.

A limited release, this is one tune you’ll want in your collection - buy it here!

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