What is obscure music?

Updated: May 22, 2020

Who are Batov Records?

Well, Batov Records are a London-based independent music label.

They aren’t just that though, they are so much more, they have a collective of worldly music. Bringing a refreshing eccentricity to music with roots based in delicate folk, gypsy-jazz, electro blues, Balkan bass and Greek disco. That’s certainly different.

Now, their music isn’t for everyone. But everyone should be listening. It is superb. These artists have such a cool insight into music, using classic ranges from around the world that also create a modern outreach. Reminiscing to the 1960s for experimentation. Yet merging motifs of familiarity while bringing something completely different. Having first heard of the band Sababa Five through Radio 6’s from Gideon Coe, I was hooked. The sounds transport you with an Indian feel that also bring a space like atmosphere

To read the whole article and the interviews, you have to go to Issue 1 of Grafter magazine.

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