Safe Suburban Home’s Cowgirl, ‘Only Lasts A Moment’

Part of SSH’s cassette series, Cowgirl, with their latest single, Only Lasts A Moment’

Cowgirl, a York-based band who are under the DIY label, Safe Suburban Home, they certainly aren’t sitting around doing nothing! With four unreleased albums that are silently waiting for their special moment in the sun. Along with 11 sublime tracks released since November 2018, they are back with another single, ‘Only Last’s A Moment’. Behind all of this magic, Danny Trew Barton, Sam Coates, Tom Robinson and Jack Holdstock.

Often the worst thing about describing music is the fact of describing it. ‘Only Lasts A Moment’ is so good, the words I write simply won’t make-up for it. Alas, I shall try! As is the sound of SSH, there is a definitive indie, guitar fuzz and jangle pop. A sense of early alternative with poppy despair and sad lyrics that should upset you. However, with forceful guitar solos and 1970s sci-fi vibes, the song is a bop. You simply have to groove away to this sweet tune. Against the lightness is grainy chalkboard sliding down my left ear that provides a 90s grunge. So much so it shimmers. A darkness consistently flying against vibrancy, but really blasting through in the last part of the song.

Music that is already bringing back summer vibes of my early teenage years. Homing in on the last days of summer, with a sense of depression yet excitement toward what lies ahead. A singular voice, there is a muffled spoken word to it, a childlike humming against the strumming of a guitar. A modern folk which blends effortlessly to the youth of California, skateboarding down to the beach on a summer’s day. There’s a sense of muck from Car Seat Headrest, folk charm of Wintersleep. And California haze that is Wallows, matching classic alternative of The Loft.

Naturally written by chief songwriters Barton and Coates, the duo is separate in their crafting abilities. If this song is anything to go by, there’s nothing wrong about that. The single comes as part of SSH’s limited-edition cassette series. ‘Hold Me’ being the B-side, shows the connection of Barton and Coates. Dazzling lyrics with deep textures that hook you with a space-like atmosphere. Matching a thunderous force of guitar riffs. There’s almost a Bachman Turner Overdrive come Temples intensity going on throughout. One that you can’t help but love. Celebrating this separate writing ability that when brought together in the studio always produces successful results.

Cowgirl focus on “writing, recording and gigging” as they aren’t involved with “any of the bullshit that often goes along with being in a band. It’s all about laying it down.” Just as it should be. All about the music. Rather than artists focusing on their image in relation to social media, simply work on the music. Cowgirl are so focused on their music that they have too much of it, they probably won’t release it all!

Rest assured however; Cowgirl are easily one of the steady rising bands who appeal to the masses.

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