Andy Chesham: Vinyl Revelations

Updated: May 22, 2020

A 52-year old record owner with a 26-year-old record shop in the UK’s most loved ‘dreadful’ town, Luton. Talking about vinyl, opinion culture, and fighting with Noel Gallagher before he was Noel Gallagher.

There are many record shops about, some have closed but a lot still remain open. One of them being Vinyl Revelations. Having “always wanted to have a record shop” the music is eclectic to say the least.

Now, being a 20-year-old music lover where else would I spend my Saturdays? Of course, I am in a record shop full of 50-something year old men conversing about vinyl. Casual.

Having opened the shop many moons ago it has an atmosphere fuelled by music of all kinds that you just don't get anymore. You enter as if you're going home, music home that is. Now if you want a real Luton welcome, don't stop at the airport, head to Andy’s. Sat on the corner of Cheapside, a black and white sign with a tall red chair placed on the steps outside the front door. Windows painted with posters of events, entering the shop reggae is blasting, the atmosphere is electric, bounce and laughter, every corner is heaving with records. First starting off it was a merchandise shop in Luton market, selling records, but mainly t-shirts. He’s moved a fair few times, and now focuses on vinyl over merch while also selling cassettes and CDs.

Vinyl is, “a real tangible item you can hold, a physical way of listening to music, looking to the artwork.” You can share your music interests through a product. The “same people who are into buying records also buy books, they don’t want a Kindle, they want a proper book” Something to put on your shelf and display. A link between all record buyers, all different yet linked through sound, “my oldest customers are in their 80s, so it’s from 10 years old to near 90 years old.” There’s “no demographic on age on race, or financial situation, there’ll be a street cleaner talking to a QC about music, both into the same thing.” Anyone can enter the shop, there isn’t anything that separates you, that’s what is great about Andy’s you have so many people, all various ages and backgrounds, not knowing the difference.

To read the rest, you'll have to check out the print version of Grafter magazine for more.

Available in Andy's Vinyl Revelations

Monstera Canteen

H-Town Rags

ICA Bookshop

And here.

You can check out Andy's Facebook page here:[0]=68.ARCssxUTuBGoN5u3wdIOqmku4gDU2XC2Z8L0uNgTrXe5lQVKCcJumAsoUqqzeFT9k8-SJlHcKDv9itKNt1Z40eVBuuteia__fSdw1TSyruJpGXcPaTGnjRo8n1AsMa5wi8myKuwFtTvwK0F07w9Z4FvvtE3kFdU9TrDybk8ZwKIySbaWHLV6kud6AwfgooV8nrc3QySqXYZRXk7jramYlS84fWuL57s3zlayTpj-ytxg0mXaf228ZVsETqeXqPQU_0hB7Yclwfbcrb3XBS-DDJWJalG7e74D2liycTuw3gU5codTtuFmbOBFberHlElBvrF-a5FdzhHH_yRFioovFSswd_2eieqqw773vg9YLANEq_7GilnijVI

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